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Mazii in a Nutshell

Mazii is a tool that makes it easy for authors to gather statistically significant feedback from readers.

Mazii enables readers to label portions of a document as either clear or confusing. The feedback of the entire readership is then aggregated to highlight the effective and ineffetive portions of a document.

For an example of this interaction, take a look at the mazii showcase.

Why does Mazii Exist?

When you take up a subject, do you want to learn from the masters of that subject? I know I do. The trouble is, contrary to Einstein's famous quote, people who know something really well struggle to explain it simply.

The curse of knowledge is a widely noted cognitive bias that makes it difficult for experts to communicate with non-experts. An expert has developed a vast apparatus of abstractions that enable efficient and precise communication with other experts. Undoubtedly, abstractions are indispensable. However, a student new to a subject must build up the arsenal of abstractions the master already has handy. The work of building this arsenal involves explicitly considering the nitty gritty that an expert has ceased to consciously consider. I created Mazii to enable experts to overcome the blindness imposed by the curse of knowledge.